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All of the services that we provide are done with care and confidence.  With over 14 years personal experience, Green Era has the knowledge and compassion to create a binding, trustworthy relationship with customers. 

Lawn Care

Feed your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and control weeds at the same time!  Organic programs are available!!!

Mosquito Control

Helps to cut down the mosquito population by up to 85%!

Tree and Shrub Care

Use our program to help prevent insect and disease damage throughout the growing season.  We also fertilize trees and shrubs for a complete program!

Foundation Pest Control
Helps to prevent crawling insects from invading your home!
Aeration, Aeration/Seeding

A core aeration is one of the best things to do for your lawn.  It will allow greater air and water flow to the root zone of the grass.  Add a seeding for a denser turf!

Ornimental Pruning

Small trees and shrubs occasionally need a good pruning for a healthier appearance!

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